JeanBare 258

1. Eye Balm

Eye balm is there-for designed to hydrate the soft skin around the eye, resulting in a rejuvenating and firming action of the upper eye lid.  Works synergistic with eye serum for total eye rejuvenation.

2. LPT eye serum

This eye serum is specifically designed to heal the distorted eye fibres and damaged cells of the sensitive skin around the eye.  An excellent product for all skin types.  The skin around the eye is given a lift and thus creating a healthy, younger look.

3. Bust & Stretch Mark Serum

This Jean baré gel serum is specifically design to work on stressed stretched areas of the skin, especially the bust.  This serum assist the skin in the formation of new protective tissue which means it improves stretch marks and the firms up sagging skin.

4. Neo Lipo Slimming Gel

This Jean baré gel serum is intended for long term results, and therefore it must be used for more than 4-6 months in order to detect valuable results.  It must be completely absorbed into the body, which is a process that can only be achieved over a period of time.  It breaks up fatty chains and stimulates lymphatic drainage which results in a firmer, toned up skin appearance.  To be used in conjunction with Mediokehl & Lymphokehl for effective results.

5. Neurotox

Neurotox serum is another one of Jean baré’s premier products.  In this serum, a certain tripeptide ingredient acts like snake venom that has excellent anti-wrinkle properties.  The serum is applied directly on the facial muscles that are responsible for the wrinkles.  These muscles are kept relaxed (because of the application of Neurotox) and thus wrinkles are restrained.  Other ingredients of this serum also smoothes out facial wrinkles seeing that it has an immediate tightening effect on the skin.  Sagging of the skin is also being prevented by the addition of ingredients that assist in the formation of new collagen.  This serum is thus a highly recommended anti-ageing product of Jean baré.

6. Enzynase Collagen Serum

Enzynase Collagen serum is one of Jean baré’s supreme products.  Collagen is a very important scleroprotein of the connective tissue.  The ingredients in this anti-ageing and cell regenerating product have a high bio-availability towards skin regeneration of the connective tissue by increasing oxygen consumption and inhibiting proteinases.  By inhibiting the action of proteinases, elastin and collagen breakdown is prevented.  The serum also contains a collagen synthesis enhancer, which stimulates the formation of new collagen.  This powerful serum thus does not only provide superior collagen protection, it also stimulates growth of new collagen.  A highly recommended, age preventative product of Jean baré.

7. Lipokehl

Lipokehl serum works excellent on the skin around the eyes where it is very thin and dark circles can be easily detected.  UV radiation and other external influences play a significant part in the appearance of dark circles and eye puffiness (lypoptosis syndrome).  This is due to diminished blood flow.  The specific combination of ingredients contained in this serum address increased blood flow (and thus oxygen supply) in order to diminish puffiness of the eyes and increase cellular metabolism to effectively reduce dark circles under the eyes.

8. Rejuné

This advance serum features powerful botanicals which work on a very neglected and damaged skin (usually a matured skin).  Skin damage is often the result of UV radiation or exposure to free radicals.  The main focus of this serum is thus to prevent further collagen and elastin damage, to build up healthy connective tissue, to enhance the texture of the skin and to properly hydrate the skin again.  The result of using Rejuné will be a properly re-hydrated and healed skin.

9. Tyrodo

The tyrosinase inhibitors contained in this amazing Jean baré pigmentation preparation, block epidermal melanin biosynthesis by inhibiting enzymatic oxidation of tyrosine and dopa.  The addition of Vitamin E to this serum also has a pigment preventative function – seeing that as an anti-oxidant it protects the skin from the pigment damage that UV rays often do.  This highly recommended Jean baré product, produce excellent, visible results fast.  For more effective results, this serum can be used in conjunction with Jean baré Dermazone liquid complex.