JeanBare 223

1. Cell Renewal Serum

Helps to restore the dermis. It also fortifies sensitive and damaged skin.

2. Elasto Repair Serum

In aging skin (especially the neck) it is very important to keep the skin moistured and supple in order to prevent elastin damage and sagging.  This preventative serum contains varies plant botanicals and GLA that are specifically aimed at moisturising the skin of the neck to keep it soft and supple

3. Glacokehl Serum

An intensive moisture maintenance serum which also prevents the formation of blemishes and has an overall rejuvenation effect on all skin types and conditions.

4. Dermazone

Dermazone is a very effective and highly recommended healing product of Jean baré.  This complex preparation releases oxygen and with the silver ions a synergism is formed that has a healing effect on irritated and infected areas of the skin.

5. Enzobyne serum

A honey preparation containing enzymes with healing, cleansing and anti-septic properties.  Decongest the skin and smoothes irritated areas.

6. Ultra Dry Serum

This remarkably serum helps to rejuvenate the appearance of an extreme dry skin and to mask the unsightly skin changes caused by irritation, sun exposure or environmental stress.  Various ingredients of this serum contribute to hydrate the skin and leave it soft and smooth.

7. Purifying Gel

This multi-tasking gel product is formulated in such a way, that it acts as an antiseptic, antipruritic and decongestive agent of skin impurities.  The gel has fast acting, as well as long term preventative benefits for acne prone skin conditions